"There is a time to every purpose under heaven."


What To Expect From An Exciting Future

Join Sherryl Nova, Astrology Columnist for 'Palm Springs Life' Magazine
Wednesday October 25th, 2017
6:30 - 8:00 pm
Center For Spiritual Living - Palm Desert
Cost : $22
Call 760-346-4649 for tickets

About Me

Happy points in time and space.

A Geometry whiz in school, I wanted to trisect the angle. It was done in the early 70's by a Japanese man in Hawaii using something called a computer. About that time I saw an Astrology Chart. Said to myself, "I don't believe in this but it looks like it could be a theorem and proof..." So I started to noodle. I found a language of timing and probability that has fascinated me for over 40 years. I have done talk radio and television, written for periodicals and established a varied clientele. Do I 'believe' in Astrology? Yes! Just like I believe in a hammer and nails...my work is an invaluable tool. And I am not a spook. I'm a nerd.

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