"There is a time to every purpose under heaven."

August Forecast

Leo [July 22 – August 22]

Admiration causes a shift in values, as you learn best from those you respect. What seemed so vital has no importance, and idealistic dreams morph into the New Way. Lead by example. Under observation, Live your Truth.

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Happy points in time and space.

A Geometry whiz in school, I wanted to trisect the angle. It was done in the early 70's by a Japanese man in Hawaii using something called a computer. About that time I saw an Astrology Chart. Said to myself, "I don't believe in this but it looks like it could be a theorem and proof..." So I started to noodle. I found a language of timing and probability that has fascinated me for over 40 years. I have done talk radio and television, written for periodicals and established a varied clientele. Do I 'believe' in Astrology? Yes! Just like I believe in a hammer and nails...my work is an invaluable tool. And I am not a spook. I'm a nerd.

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