August 2016


A critical month, Virgo influenced. Analyze your purposes, and note your use of ‘systems’. Tighten up efficiency with the tried and true; re-assess the value of vendors/service providers. Install upgrades. Delay gratification for investment in you.   


A speculative situation actually has excellent numbers and logical implications. One who leads with the heart is an ally, adding light to the cause. A multicultural group in a learning curve supports goals that are forming. Dream big.


The War is within. Mars opposes your sense of Self.  Not a bad thing if you conquer some ideas and habits that have been holding you back.  A good thing if you make changes that prepare you for effective alliances to come.


Schedule short trips that stimulate your mentality by the company you will keep. New connections are sibling, in that you and the other are experiencing similar cultural upheaval and can unite for growth. New goals need analysis.


Admiration causes a shift in values, as you learn best from those you respect. What seemed so vital has no importance, and idealistic dreams morph into the New Way. Lead by example.  Under observation, Live your Truth.


As you have provided service, you must now be served. Retain the best, whatever the cost.  Also those who serve you wish to be elevated to partnership/alliance status. Bad idea.  Appreciate the compliment and rely on yourself.


Spiritual is a hippy-dippy concept for basic skills we take for granted. In real time are you: grateful, kind, idealistic, forgiving, inspired, serene ? How you maintain these qualities is vital now. Grab the air mask, then help others.


Alone with a good idea, you must take it to the group.  Three or more can make it real, especially if you set up a practical system for operation. The hard way dynamic is about to crumble. Knowledge lights the Way. Be a Master.


Disrupted sleep and distraction are symptoms of your mind digging around in the garage of your subconscious for answers. They are there. Be willing to attack piles and climb ladders. A Eureka! moment looms.  So own it.


Networking is effortless as the right connections coalesce.  Major goal achievement is possible now. Trust is the key.  Not trust in their abilities, but a surety in your own choices for placement.  You have a solid judgement.  Relax.


Partners have resources that will lighten your load and brighten your prospects. Pride may keep you from asking and that would be a shame. Usually so sure, a little vulnerability shows who loves ya. They want to help.  Let them.


Mars ignites your alliances, and partners form for mutual benefit. When analysis points the way, be the initiator. You see the Big Picture but they need more time, be patient because not much more is required. Lead by example.