Changing of the Age

We are living in the end times, but Time is a circular Math. So immediately after end comes beginning. So we are in the darkest before the dawn.

What ends? The Age of Pisces. Begun about 2,000 years in our past.

The Sign of the Fish – Christianity. The Fish scrawled in the sand so followers could recognize each other. “I will make you fishers of men.” He said.

The Age of Aries was fire (Mars) War. (4,000 BC to 1 AD) I Am that I Am. God came in a burning bush.The battering Ram. Firstborn sons were slaughtered in fear of a new ruler of the Jews. As each Age ends in its element, Rome was not spared. Remember what happened as Nero fiddled … 

Three guys from a celestial University in Alexandria Egypt took a road trip to Bethlehem. Following their studies (a Star). They knew this first Peace of Rome , the Pax Romana, was the time for change. They sought one who would be born under these stars, a stellium in the sign Pisces.

 Jesus, a simple fisherman, hung out at the beach and taught a new way. He died for our sins,  and we emotionally created a culture of suffering, victimhood, and guilt. A water Age is dominated by emotions. Current unrest is based on the premise of victimhood, an emotional demand for what we should provide for ourselves.

So what’s ahead ?  2,000 yrs of Aquarius. Aquarius is Air, not water. The Water bearer (false – He’s a SpaceMan) was created by the Vatican out of fear, as all indications were that this time would annihilate the Roman church. 

The Winter Solstice brings two major planets into the Aquarian Age. The process will be complete in less than four more yrs. The Great Awakening will commence soon. 

In an Air age we will depend on information over the air waves.  The Internet is at the center of new Age.

The death rattle of Pisces is emotional response to the culture. Victimhood is the basis for revolt, a dependence upon government to supply our needs. But ending Pisces will destroy institutions, and welcome the strength of the Individual. 

When I did talk radio, back in the 80’s, I often got asked “Nova, will there be an antiChrist?”  My answer : “was Christ the AntiMoses? Was Moses the antiAbraham?”

We do not negate the past. We grow into the future. There will be prophets and One who teaches a New Way. And it will be soon, as we approach the stellium of the SpaceMan.