Mercury Retrograde  –  The Real Deal

“Is Mercury Retrograde?” The beleaguered businesswoman next to me hisses over the splash of water aerobics.  Mercury is retrograde 3.1 times a year, when it overtakes the earth in it’s orbit.

For about 80% of us, it manifests as a frustrating period of ‘do-overs’, a time to clean up, repair and reorganize. The other 20% can make incredible strides.  When understood, retrograde periods can be very effective.

I had been in practice 10 years and longed for Corporate Clients.  Charting an entity (the Corp.) was the next step.  I had a particular Mogul in mind, an extremely successful self-made man.  For two years (6 retrogrades) I advised him to save data about those weeks.  He was, as Dickens writes, “… a man of little whimsy.”  He read spread sheets like romance novels.  He typed 120 words per minute.  He collected the data.  He called me for services and has continued for 23 years.

10 years ago he was being courted by a huge conglomerate, to be paid millions for the empire he had built.  Winter turned to Fall as negotiations dragged on.  October was retrograde so he made plans to visit Bali.  By then, stakes were high but my Mogul kept his vacation plans.  An associate, concerned that the deal would collapse, accused him of ‘worshiping the Sun’.  He left for Bali.  His confident surety prevailed, and the agreement was reached after retrograde; the terms very favorable to him.

To fear a natural phenomenon is superstition – the Astrology of the Middle Ages.  To work with, rather than against time, is to be on the Solution Level.

I have learned to accept retrogrades.  It’s probable that I won’t get many new clients, but old ones will have compelling challenges.  In cleaning out files I can find that bit of research so essential to a future project. To quote Ecclesiastes – There Is A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven.

My niece was born retrograde, with a naturally cautious earth dominant chart.  When Mercury zigs in it’s orbit, she makes ‘impulsive’ decisions that further her goals and crush obstacles.

People ask me “Nova, is that good or bad?”  But there is only challenge and opportunity.  Result depends upon how we choose to manage our Cosmic Timing.

Barak Obama was inaugurated in a Mercury Retrograde.  Fortunately, the timing of the second swearing-in (how very retrograde!) was loaded with Earth influence. Finally, after eight years of Fire (action – sometimes for it’s own sake), we face a time of logic and reasoning.

Retrograde periods will be crucial to this administration.  Collect the data.

May you have many happy points in Time and Space.