An Unexpected Mentor

I wasn’t thrilled with Geometry. But she was thrilled with me.  For some reason I could intuit a lot of the steps in Theorems and Proofs, and was her Star Pupil. We had a couple of lively discussions on the trisection of an angle.

Fast forward to 1970.  Raising a family but kept a compass in with the spatulas and would noodle from time to time. Learned a Japanese guy had done it, in Hawaii, with something called a computer.

Saw an Astrology Chart. (A Geocentric Star Map of a particular Moment in Time and Space.) It looked like a logical set up for Theorem and Proof. Noodled it.  Realized there was a language from logarithms. Began to apply the knowledge of Time to my own and friend’s charts.  Realized I had a valuable tool and an invaluable service.  The early 80’s brought software that revolutionized my work

In 1979 I took my first client.  Spent years with Talk Radio (KSDO) and Sun Up San Diego (CBS).  Wrote columns for San Diego Magazine and local publications.  Moved to New York for a few years… just because.

Some clients have been with me over 30 years; most own their own businesses. Entertainment Industry uses my service to time tours and album releases. My math is like The Farmer’s Almanac or Biorhythms. I often time surgeries with great success.  FAQ : “Nova is that good or bad?”   A.   “It is what it is. Your reaction to it is what makes it ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  It’s that free will thing …  I am not a spook, I’m a nerd.

Rose Dorf encouraged my curiosity. At 15 I was unimpressed but at 30 I realized she was my first Mentor.

I am happily semi-retired in beautiful Indian Wells.  I write for Palm Springs Life Magazine.  I work with at-risk teens. My platinum years are filled with meaning.

So looking forward to our 50th Rosary High Reunion.

Here’s to the Class of 1966.