Male – To Love – Choosers

Fire – Action

Aries – Competitive. Brave. Wants the unattainable. Bored after conquering. Anger

motivated reactionary.

Leo – Heartfelt. Must be treated royally. Demands Loyalty. Leads with the Heart.

Unchanging. Forever.

Sagittarius – Multicultural. Craves knowledge, travel. Needs Space. Shared athletic/outdoor

pursuits. Fickle.

Air – Intellect

Gemini – Good conversation. Common interests. Fellow students in Life, emotion/intelligence

from 2 sources.

Libra – Idealist. Wants perfect social companion. Positive image. Balance of Power. Harmony.

Beauty. Art.

Aquarius – Best friend wanted. Intelligence. Understanding. Slow to commitment, Eternal

when right. Tolerant.

Female – To Be Loved – Chosen

Earth – Logic

Taurus – the Love Banker. Invests in Love. Patient. Slowly build Empire together. Patient.

Forever. Reliable.

Virgo – The critical lover. High service to the relationship. Need space. Love therapist.

Health important.

Capricorn – Wants strong talent to mold and manage. Administrated relationship. Often May-

December in theory.

Water – Emotion

Cancer – To build a strong home. Nurturance. Food and Real Estate. Too sensitive. Gut

instinct. Security.

Scorpio – Passionate. Protective. Controlling. Resourceful. Creative. Renewal. Power

monger. Eternal.