Year Forecast 2018

Horoscope for 2018                                by Sherryl Nova

This is the annual forecast for 2019. For the most comprehensive forecast, read your ascendant/rising sign, then your sun sign. If you were born near dawn, your ascendant/rising sign will the same as your sun sign..

You can determine your ascendant/rising sign from your chart. Charts can be found online.


March 20 –  April 19

Alliances bring expanded knowledge and possibilities of mutual benefit. Inspired moments can be useful in a creative environment. Build something from nothing, buoyed by strong contracts. A project with your DNA begins near the Top. Do it.


April 19 – May 20

Put the mask on you first.  Selfishness is necessary. Reassess your contribution and recognize and refuse distractions. No more procrastination, the entertaining but time-wasting drama of others. Unexpected instant connections are a power grid of growth.


May 20 – June 20

A career path takes on a Spiritual dimension, and you are motivated by Belief, which creates miracles.  Be ever aware of the sacredness of your work and Minister to all who need you.  Teach them how to fish. Realize victims are actually volunteers.


June 20 – July 22

Seek your own counsel in health matters. Listen to your body for the truth.  Biggest of the little kids frustrates. Soon you graduate to smallest of the bigs.  This will last for years; you will be given the ‘hand up’ by those in power. Seek psychological strength.


July 22 – August 22

After a few years of intense emotional responsibilities, you can finally breathe.  Self-awareness can lead to exciting new goals. A highly speculative venture that feels like play, draws you in. Be willing to risk your heart. You will feel alive and back in the game.


August 23 – September 22

Look for emotional regeneration. Decide to change deep seated reactive habit patterns from long ago. Simple (but not easy) behavior modification sets you free from childhood ghosts. Foundations for a prosperous future are subtle but real. Expect a breakthrough.


September 22 – October 21

With current opportunities you are easily tempted to excess. But delayed gratification and an eye on tomorrow will reward you tenfold – later. Having it all at once will risk big losses. Space out progressive ideas and avoid loss. Alliances must balance. Be aware.


October 22 – November 21

‘Fixed income’ does not apply now.  Revenue streams improve with elevated contacts.  Impulsive new interests cause you to revise perceptions and see a much bigger picture. Short distance travel is fortuitous and the community is supportive. Know your worth.


November 21 – December 20

After struggle and frustrated ambitions, you can now free yourself from public opinion and joyfully chase your Truth. Deep in Lecture, Lab will come next year, when you will apply new concept to an unprecedented project. Happily collect data. You’re so close.


December 21 – January energize.20

Hot time in the Marketplace, you will succeed with tight contracts and healthy research and development. Associates share resources so you are powerful squared. Know you have seniority. ‘Act as if’. Full court press is the best plan. If not now, when? Go for it.


January 20 – February 19

Micromanagement of your world will exhaust your energy reserves.  Bite the bullet and hire the top of the line help that makes you more effective. Bravely jump into the fray with qualified support, and you are rewarded almost immediately. You qualify to Lead.


February 19 – March 20

Seems hard way is the only way now, but ambition is being tested. Tempted to swim away, you are confronted with the reasons for your life purpose.  Dedicate yourself to the absolute truth, and be willing to wait a few months for fruition. You’re on the Path.